Fuyo Kinzoku Co,. Ltd. Recycling of Metal
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 Recycling of Metal

We have been engaged in process manufacturing and distribution of rare metals such as Nickel, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Titan, Gold and Silver, which are indispensable to the various industries. We have also worked hard on the research and development activities for new alloys and new applications of such products and have received a good reputation for our challenge.

The market price of the metals fluctuates day by day as it is easily affected by a change of world affairs. To save the situation, much experiences
Recycling Metals
and know-how may be necessary for proper procurement of raw materials and compounding techniques.
We are ready to cope with any demand and needs of complicated compounding of raw materials, processing, mass production of Ferro-nickel, etc., thanks to our engineering techniques being proven as an excellent in the long term.

We are also capable of designing and manufacturing special equipment of heat resistant, alkaline resistant, acid resistant nature utilizing stainless, Titan and other special steels. The know-how acquired during the production of our own equipment supports our works.@
Workshop/Welding/Titanium Pump Casting


Dry Treatment and Briquette Processing

In compliance with great demands from customers, we at Fuyo Kinzoku operate Dry Treatment and Briquette Process We deliver powder materials, which are hard to handle, in utmost proper conditions fit to their use or application.

Briquette Processing
Briquette Machine   Briquette Processing Equipment
(capacity 4 tons / day of 7H)
*Briquette Machine x 2 units *Kneader x 2 units
*Bag Filter x 1 unit

1.Powder Material 2.Kneader / BriquetteMachine 3.Briquette Material
Carefully selected powder materials to meet the use for to be compounded @ Compounded materials to be evenly kneaded and to put into the briquette machine. @ Solidified briquette in size for easy handling to be delivered.

Powder Material Kneader / BriquetteMachine Briquette Material


Dry Treatment Processing
Dry Treatment Equipment   Dry Treatment Equipment
(capacity : 4 tons / day
of 7H)

*Dryer x 1 unit
*Dust Collector Scrubber x 1 unit

1.Wet Material
Raw materials naturally contain moisture.
The materials dry off.
3.Dry Material
Dry powder form to go for next processing.

Wet Material Dryer Dry Material


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