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Nippon Recycle Center Corp.
Nippon Recycle Center Corp.
Nippon Recycle Center Corp.

Fuyo Kinzoku Co., Ltd. is
[ISO 14001: 2004] certified
at Tsukuda Warehouse.

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Nippon Recycle Center Corp.
Looking at the Blue Planet, the Earth  its Resources & Environment

We do appreciate that nature on earth embraces all the living creatures with gently warmth as if the mother were taking care of her child. We at Fuyo Kinzoku believe that it is very important to look ahead to next era of the rare metal industry around developing recycling techniques. The effective use of the limited resources such as non-ferrous metals and special steel materials shall contribute to the prosperity of civilization and the preservation of the earth environment.

Recycling of Metal

You can see [ Briquette Processing ] easily.

Recycling of Battery Q&A
Why should I recycle? What kind of battery It is recycled. Where should I take it? ฌŒ`“๑ŽŸ“d’r ŽY‹ฦ—pƒAƒ‹ƒJƒŠ’~“d’r How are we recycled?

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