Fuyo Kinzoku Co,. Ltd. Recycling of Metal
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@ Mar. 1934 Founding of business.
@ Sep. 1951 Establishment of Fuyo Industrial Corp.
@ Jan. 1956 Distributorship signed with Nippon Metallurgy Company.
@ May. 1956 Establishment of Fuyo Kinzonku Co., Ltd.
@ Nov. 1956 Taking over the entire business of Fuyo Industrial Corp. by Fuyo Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
@ Feb. 1957 HQ's building completed.
@ Mar. 1960 Tsukuda Warehouse newly completed. (transferred from Oyodo Warehouse.)
@ Mar. 1970 Distributorship signed with Sumitomo Metal Mining Corporation.
@ Nov. 1976 Establishment of Nippon Recycle Center Corp.
@ May. 1993 HQ's 11-story building newly completed.
Mar. 2002 IS014001 obtained for Tsukuda Warehouse.

Fuyo Kinzoku Co., Ltd.@6-3-19 Nishitemma, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0047 @TEL +81-6-6311-2800@FAX +81-6-6311-0949
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