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Enviromental Practice


Our Undertakings
Fuyo Kinzoku has commenced environmental undertakings from 2001 and established the environmental policies. In 2002, Fuyo Kinzoku obtained [ISO 14001: 1996] certification with Tsukuda Warehouse and has begun to apply it. And also, in 2006, the company acquired [ISO 14001: 2004] and has established an environmental management system to become a company trying to reduce the burden on the global environment in the warehousing work of rare metals and special steel materials.

Fuyo Kinzoku Co., Ltd. is
[ISO 14001: 2004] certified
at Tsukuda Warehouse.
Fuyo Kinzoku recognizes conservation of the global environment as one of the first priority challenges of humankind, and we aim to be a company that reduces the burden on the global environment from all aspects of its enterprise operation. Also we acquired the ISO14001 certification, which we base specific promotions of undertakings on environmental issues, in combination with the above, to contribute to the society.

Environmental Policies
1. Compliance to the Environmental Laws and Regulations

Fuyo Kinzoku obeys the environmental laws and regulations of Japan and the ordinances of Osaka prefecture and Osaka city as well as other requirements that Fuyo Kinzoku has agreed to. We shall strive to improve and maintain measures to reduce environmental influences with the awareness of gglobal citizensh.

2. A Continuous Promotion of Environmental Conservation Action
Fuyo Kinzoku shall strive to a continuous improvement of the environmental management system through the implementation of internal environmental audits and such, establishing environmental objectives and goals including (1) and (2) below and reviewing them as well as striving for their attainment.

(1) Fuyo Kinzoku will reduce environmental burden from the disposal of storage battery scraps.
(2) Fuyo Kinzoku will promote reduction and recycling of energy sources and using materials to reduce burden on the environment and prevent environmental pollution.

3. Promotion of Enlightenment Campaigns
Fuyo Kinzoku will continue its development of the framework, regulations and standards for environmental action, will heighten the environmental awareness of individual constituting members through their education and training, and will promote enlightenment campaigns to conduct concrete actions.

These environmental policies will be communicated to the public as well as to all constituting members. Fuyo Kinzoku will strive for their attainment.

Environmental purposes

Tsukuda Warehouse
Category Achievement goals Environmental targets of 2009
Reduction of using natural resources and energies@ Reduction of the demand warnings to control amount of electricity. (making the amount of using electricity uniform) The number of the demand warnings to control amount of electricity is less than 36 times / year
Reduction of mistakes in the furnace work processes. The number of mistakes in the furnace operation processes, is less than 24 times / year
Efficiency improvement and strict controls of the equipment related to environment and the process Reduction of the warnings to adjust to standard value for alkali waste water, in the equipment for neutralizing. (to strictly keep the standard value) The number of the warnings to control standard value for alkali waste water, is less than 2 times / year
Promotion of improvement of the operations The number of improvements is more than 12 / year



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